Amiata's mushroom   

men's step mountain,
walk's... bicycling's... horsing's fun!

Before to go for a walk in the woods of Mount Amiata you must get ready so as to face the trip comfortably and more agreeably:

  • Sports- clothes are usually putted on, supplied with a solid pair of mountaineering boots; it is good also to have a hat and wind-jacket putted inside the rucksack.
  • Very useful  for the trip it will be an alpenstock to make the hard task lighter along the steepest paths, or to find wood-fruits or mushrooms before to use the hands, because it would be dangerous in the event of a snake hidden under the leaves
  • Amiata's "Porcino" mushroomIf you wish to gather wood-fruits or mushrooms (Mount Amiata is rich in boletus and other edible species), it is indispensable a wicker basket lined with chestnut-leaves or ferns. To do not forget that to can gather mushroom there is need to have an authorisation given by town-police before to go for a walk
  • Lovers of photography and “bird-watching” surely will take with them a camera to immortalize unique  scenes and moments. On Mount Amiata it is possible to make photographic safaris particularly for floral species, someone very rare, which it  is better to do not gather, but to immortalize in a picture. Binoculars are very useful  to watch the birds and to appreciate, by the panoramic points, the valleys below, rich of enchantment
  • Your equipment will be not complete without a flask filled with the pure and cool water of Amiata and a good packed meal carefully prepared before leaving:this will be a more pleasure for your walk on the mountain
  • Amiata's little wild animalAll it has to do is remember to do not mistreat the nature around us, leaving it untouched and free from our rubbish, which we will have the wisdom to gather in a small bag and to throw into the first dustbin on hand. To pay attention to free flames and to cigarette ends: it would be only one to ravage millenarian forests.
sentiero con l'Amiata all'orizzonteHere we propose some walking trips with departure from Casteldelpiano. The maps are taken from the Guide of the “Comunità Montana del Monte Amiata”, by Marco Panerai. At the Camping Residence AMIATA it is possible to get the Paths Maps for planning wonderful walks in the nature.

The Ring of AMIATA  is a circuit with several paths to go walking, cycling, riding.

The n° 4 is a trip of 6,5 Km.: it connects Casteldelpiano and Seggiano going under Montegiovi and by some small churches.
The n° 5 is shorter, only 2,5 Km.: it connects Casteldelpiano and Arcidosso going By cloister of Capuchins and by Le Fornaci.



PERCORSO n°5 (2,5 km.)

PERCORSO n°4 (6,5 km.)