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The ancient villa of Montoto, built in Century 18TH, became family's Rotellini-Monaci estate in start of Century 20TH, where they maked a very important farmhouse.

With very abundant and vulcanic land, besides water springs on the farmhouse ground, became famous for vegetables cultivate and for milk's cows farm.

But, in 1960's,for mountain agriculture depression, the owner'sfamily, they leave it; like some many other Amiata's farmhouse. 

In 1970's Anna Rotellini Monaci and her's husband Lorenzo Bernabei, they looking for a new business, and so established Camping Amiata.

Anna and Lorenzo Bernabei - the owner's parents




Welcome by Giovanna and Antonio Bernabei. We have get Anna and Lorenzo's enthusiasm (camping's founders), and theirs projects, aware tourism business get benefit for Amiata area.

From 1980's, we greet our guests from all over world, that they come for to know Tuscany, mountain's area and theirs people. We take care with fervour our trees, our grass and our flowers, and they gift us in every seasons theirs wonderful fruits, colours and scents. We take care some littles birds, some littles curlies (camping's cleaner). This is an ecological and salubrious area, with quiet and friendly atmosphere for us and our guests.


Recipes of Amiata
(edited by Giovanna Bernabei)

Ingredients: corn flour, edible boletus, mixed mushrooms (with some bits of ordinale-mushroom) onion, olive-oil, garlic, parsley, white-wine, peeled tomates, salt and pepper.

In a pan to make a fried mixture of beautiful onion thin cutted, parsley and two cloves of garlic in extravirgin olive-oil; to make golden the onion at low fire and to add the mushrooms, cutted to bits, to salt how it is enough. When the water of the mushrooms will have evaporated to add a glass of white wine and, at half cooking, to add few peeled tomatoes. to complete the cooking with a pinch of pepper. In a pot to put the water rightly salted for the polenta; before the boiling to pour the corn-flour mixing well so that no clots form. At half cooking to add half glass of extravirgin olive-oil going on to mix for a total of forty minutes. To serve the mushrooms with the very hot polenta.

Ingredients: dry bread, vinegar, olive-oil, cucumbers, yellow and green peppers,fresh tomatoes, salad, onion, capers, fresh pecorino cheese, tunny-fish in oil, würstel, salt. To grate the dry bread and to put it in little water and vinegar.

In a terrine to cut into small slices the cucumbers, the peppers, the tomatoes and the salad, to add the onion thinly minced, the fresh pecorino cut into small cubes, the tunny-fish crumbled, the capers and the würstel cut into slices. To wring the soaked bread and to put it into the terrine, mixing very well wish extravirgin olive-oil, salt and vinegar if it is necessary. The Panzanella must be prepared, if possible, the evening before for the day after, allowing it become tasty in a cool but not cold place.